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Elephind.com contains 981 items from Clarksville Weekly Chronicle, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,057 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
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Page 4 [Newspaper Page] — Clarksville weekly chronicle. — 25 December 1875

THE CHRONICLE tLARESYILLE. DtC 25, 18J5. J. A. OR AST i. S, KXBISTT. SEBLETT & GKIXT, FCBLisHias Aitn paoraisToas. CAT EH OF ADVETWirG t . Dollar per aqaare of Ten Hoes or ' KATES OF ADVERTISING. 0. fttTAB- 1 SqnKnu. 2 Squares Ji ttinare 4 Hqnares. Column.. VJ Ualumi I column MO KO ISMO -.0i 450' 600 1 tOO 500' 8 00 1000 15 00 1 50 1000 1200 18 00 1000 1200 15tl:20 00j 1500 18 00 HIIWWW; S600 30 00 2560 50 00, s. an az an Ml (Kl Ml (Ml! i4O0O;48 0OlS50O.SOO0 10 00 15 0,) 20 00 25 00 80 00 45 00 SO 00 115 OS Announcement of marriage and deaths free-tribute. rroapert and obltoarlea half price. CRSATBOtTHEBM WLBWD' Tra Train ' . OOTWO HCKTH. in X. 2 arrives and leave t at 110 p. . No. 4 leaves at l:o P. . ooiso norTH. Train 5. 1 nrlw" fcW P. . Train No. 3 arrive and leaves at ,:, A.M. "MOLD THE FORT." This wonderful hymn was written by Mr. V r Bllw, at the suggestion of Major l. V Whittle. Mr. BHm also compoiiod the music HlSPPrttP", the most powerful a,l popularof Mr. Sanky'saongs...

Publication Title: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle
Source: Chronicling America [US Library of Congress]
Country/State of Publication: Tennessee, United States