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Elephind.com contains 135,029 items from Western Champion And General Advertiser For The Central-Western Districts, The, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,057 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
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Great Sales of Crown Lands. Br ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT. BRISBANE, Tuesday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

Great Sales of Crown Lanls. Br ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. FHOM OUB OWN OORHESPONDKNT. BBISBANE, TUPSDAY. THE first sale of Crown Lands uiider the [ special sales clause of the Land Act of 1891, was held to-day by Mr. G. T. Bell, Govern ment auctioneer. The total sales realised £55,600. The lots sold were all in the western district, being situated on Nive Downs, and about 36 miles from Tambo, at a prioe of 10s. per acre cash. Mr. J. Tyson purchased £30,800 worth, and the Australian Pastoral Company, £24,800 worth. BBTSBAHE, Thursday. The Government will sell next month 165,000 acres, and in June nearly 400,000 acres of Crown lands in the Central and. South-western districts.

Muttaburra Nominations. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

XVEuttaburea Nominations. MUTTAIIUEEA., Monday Evening, fi p.m. The following entrieB wore received to night for the Muttaburra Handicaps: FLYIXQ HANDICAP.-The Serf, Whoatshoaf, Mark Tapley, The Ring, Sir Thomas, Hobart, Marshal Soult, Magnet, Glare, Flirt. Contest, Lucks tone, Esper, Shining Light, Montague, Vido, Powdersham, Clodhopper. CDUBEBUDD HANDICAP.-Mariner, The Serf, Wheatshoaf, Mark Tapley, Royalty, Roue, Sir Thomas, Magnet, Clare, Luck stone, Lucky Boy, Esper, Montague, Pow dersham, Clodhopper. MUTTABUEEA HANDICAP.-Mariner, TVheat sheaf, Mark Tapley, Royalty, Roue, Sir Thomas. Westland, Magnet, Glare, Rich mond Gem, Luekstono, Lucky Boy, Mon Tho entries dose at nine o'clock, but the secretary does not expect to reoeive anymore. YOUNG men and maidens -should secure somo ofthe Champion fanoy boxedetationer gre too late. But selling out.

The Rainhill Murder. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

The Xlainhill mutdei. BY the last mail English papers have Ar rived all containing sensational articles on the discoveries at Rawhill. The interview with Mrs. Mather and her daughter is thus de scribed by the special correspondent of the Argus, who, it will be remembered, received instructions to proceed to Rainhill for the purpose, aud thus was ahead of the Loudon golice. Ho writes:-The Mathers, though in umble circumstances, are a very respectable and highly-esteemed family, consisting of three sons, who are married, and lire in Liverpool, and throe daughters, all married. John Mather, the father, died suddenly about nine months ago, and the widow, with the assistance of her two daughters, Emily Lydia (Mrs. Williams) and Maria, continued the business. Maria is still with her. On calling upon Mrs. Mathor I found her an elderly lady. Her daughter Maria, who ushered me into her mother's presence, is a good-looking woman with dark hair and eyes, and u very pleasant manner. Mrs. Mathor...

Terrible Railway Accident at Bathrust. NINE PERSONS KILLED [?] [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

X Terrible Railway Accident at Batirust. IKFOEMATiON ww received Here on xnursaay last thnt a ruihvay accident took place at Sodwalls near Bauiurst the previous day. The mail train, which leaves Bathurst at 12-30 a.m., was passing sear Sodwalls ou the down grade at the foot of the zig-zag, at a speed of about 20 miles an hour. It was drawn by a heavy Baldwin locomotive, and in passing over a weak rail, the rail broke. The engine and part of the train got over in safety, but the sleeping cor, mail van and brake van were derailed, and falling over wcro dragged ngrihist tho ronkn ou the side of the cutting for a distance of about 100 yards. Tho rocks tore open tho sides of tho carriages, scattering the occupants in ull directions, crashing some, mangling others, and dragging limbs from bodies in a frightful manner. Four womon and five men were killed out right. Homo of those killed wcro literally Wound to death against the wall of rooks. Pieces of flesh, and fragments of clothing bespa...

SPOR-TING RACING EVENTS TO COME. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

RACING EVENTS TO COME. Blackall Baring Club Annual Meeting, May 19,20. Towers Birthday Meeting, May 24,26. Xsigford Annual Meeting, May 26,2T. Muttaburm Annual Meeting, May 26,27. Q.T.C. Autumn Meeting, May 21,24.28. Peak Downs Turf Club Annual Meeting, Jane. Aramae Jockey Club, June 8,9. Hughenden Annual Meeting, June 9,10. Charters Towers Annual Meeting, June 28,24. North Gregory (Winton) T.C. Meeting, June 28,29. Boekhampton Jockey Club Awwnpl Meeting. July 20, 21. Barealdine Centra! Baring Club, August 3,4, THE Committee of tlie Barcaldine Central Boeing .Club met on Friday evening last at tlie Royal Hotel. Present-Messrs. Camp bell (Chair). Macarthur, Cud more, Cronin, Hume, Nicholson, Arthur, Baneke, and Lloyd-Jones. Mr. Peterson's resignation as Secretary was accepted and a vote of thanks for his valuablo semcos on behalf of the Clnb was carried unanimously. There were two applications for the office of Secretary and a ballot being taken Mr, C. Downes was elected. It was deci...

The Anarchists of Paris. London, April 27. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

The Anarchists of Paris. ? London, April 2 Ravacliol and Simon have been found, prnilty. Extenuating circumstances were pleaded on Ravachol's behalf, and their sen tences were reduced to penal servitude for life. The other accomplices were acquitted. M. Jagasso, Ravachol's counsel, amid the loud disapproval of the court, concluded his defence by warning the jury that if sentence of death were passed, new attempts would be made on themselves, and urged that the accused were charged with only a political offence. The sentence has created a great surprise. The sentence of imprisonment for life, passed by the Judge on Ravacliol, does not satisfy the boiirflroixic of Paris, who had ex pected a sentence of death. On his way from the gaol to the Palace of Justice, Ravaohol was cscorted by n strong guard of the military. Ravachol's counsel, in an eloquent address, stated a verdict of death against his client would lead to fmthcr outrages by the Anarchists, and harm to the jurymen. The Press...

NEW SOUTH WALES. SYDNEY, Sunday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

i i NEW SOUTH WALlifS. SIDNEY, Sunday. May day was oelebrated in Sydney to-day . by a meeting in the domain, under the auspices of the Australian Sooialist League. The Trades and Labor Oounoil, although invited to take part in the proceedings, were not represented. Several speeches were made of a revolutionary characters, motions affirm - i ing that socialism was only a system which will Beoure for the worker the full fruits of his labor, were carried. Monday. i News has been received from London of the death of Mr. L. Harrison, the senior | partner in Harrison, Jones & Devlin, wool brokers. At an inquest on the body of an infant found at Newtown on Saturday a verdict of wilful murder was returned against some per son unknown. At Darlinghurst gaol to-day, Judge Back house held a special court of inquiry with the iobject of obtaining a mitigation of the sentences passed on Smith Fmlayson and Millor, for frauds in connection with the Australian Mercantile Loan Guarantee Com? p...

COLONIAL AND INTERCOLONIAL. FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS. QUEENSLAND. LONGREACH, Monday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

COLONIAL AND INTERCOLONIAL. FROM OUR SPECIAL COltnESPOXDEXTS. QUEENSLAND. Longheacii, Monday. Tho Maneroo station teams arrived at the four-mile camp yesterday. The liorseK were liobbled out last night. The driver this morning: found the hobbles were stolen off all the quiet horses. The seven horses as reported missing last week have been found. Five were seen hero on the night of the 12th, and \yerc seen 3f> miles from lie.re outfae following morning- greatly exhausted. Two were found 18 mileH from here. Sub-Inspector Dillon and Sergeant Malone went to the scene of the lute shooting on tho 27th. They had one block horse skinned, and found tlie bullet had broken in several places in the sixth rib. These outrages are being condemned. BRISBANE, Sunday. At a public meeting held in Townsville'l.-ist night it was decided to renew the agitation for separation. Hie Minister for Lands, speaking at the Governor's banquet at Nonnanton on Thurs day night, said he believed that a period of l...

Kargoolnah Divisional Board. BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. FROM OUR OWN REPIORTER. BLACKALL, Monday Evening. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

Xargoolnab. Divisional Board. HV KI.KCTRIC TER.EQIlArH. Fnosr Oun OWN REPOHTER. Bladkall. Monday Eveninir. MESSRS. Parnell (Chairman of tlio Kargool nah Divisional Board) with Messrs. James Cronin aud C. J. James, members of No. 1 Sub-division, arrived from Barcaldine via Home Creek early this morning. The meet ing opened at 2 o'clock p.m. The whole of the members of No. 2 Sub-division were pre sent. The first business -was the election of chairman for the ensuing year. Mr. Parnell was proposed by Messrs. James Cronin and James, and Mr. Mackenzie by Messrs. Ford and Budge. Mr. Pamell said that in order no deadlock should ensue lie would withdraw from the candidature if the members of No. 2 Sub-division would agree to a fair division of territory with a view to two new divisions being formed. Mr. Parnell marked upon a plan the division of the por tion of territory required by the members of No. 1 Subdivision. A long discussion en sited, and eventually a unanimous decision was reached...

VICTORIA. MELBOURNE, Sunday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

VICTORIA. MELBOURNE, Sunday. Deeming s trial continued all yesterday. It is believed it will be concluded on Monday. Deeming feels the strain terribly, aud ex presses his anxiety to hear the verdict with out delay. The Governor's youngest son was christ ened at the Scots Churon to-day with water from the River Jordan. The cmld is named CharleB Melbourne. Monday. In the event of Dooming being sentenced to denth counsel for the defence have taken steps with a view to appealing to the Privy Council. Mr. Marshall Lyle, prisoner's solicitor, has already posted to Lewis & Lewis, the eminent London solicitors, a peti tion in blauk for the purpose of praying for leave to appeal, and a cablegram has been despatched to Lewis & Lewis retaining them for the defence and instructing them to take proceedings on tho grounds of instinctive criminality and insanity. Deeming's trial was resumed to-day. Dr. Springthorpe gave particulars of statements made by prisoner during an examinati...

DISTRICT LAW COURTS. Barcaldine Police Court. MINOR OFFENCES. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

DISTRICT LAW COURTS. Barcaldine Police Court. MINOR OFFENCES. ON Thursday, before the P.M. and C, R. Lilly man, J.P., 'Thomas Hunt was fined £3, or one month in gaol for using obscene language. Daniel Sullivan and Joseph Lucas, for dis orderly conduct, were discharged with a cau tion. SELLING OPIUM TO ABOHIOINALS. Ah Sue was charged with selling opium to one Kitty, an aboriginal. Mr. Major, in the absence of Sergeant Malone, prosecuted. De fendant pleaded guilty, and was fined £4 and £14s. 6d. costs of court, in default two months in Eockhampton gaol. OBSCENE LANGUAGE. On Friday Thomas Considine was fined £2, or one inontii for using obsccne language. DISOBDGBLT CONDUCT. Peter M'Cabe pleaded not guilty to disor derly conduct. Constable Keen deposed: I arrested defendant to-day in front of Shakes peare's Hotel. There was a crowd of men fighting. I saw defendant hit someone. He had his coat off. He was not noisy. He was rowdy. Defendant said he was coming back from'the Carriers' Agenc...

ARBOR DAY AT BARCALDINE. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

ARBOR DAY AT HARCALDINE. LAST Friday was a special school holiday throughout the colony for the annual celebra tion of Arbor Day. l'"or some time past prepa rations have bneii made at Harcaldine for the proper observance of this festival, and the public subscribed very handsomely towards the cost of entertaining the children. Ill the morning twenty trees were planted, consisting of lioop pine, bauliinia, cedar, and the llurde kin plum. This makes about sixty shade trees in the grounds, including those "which were planted during the three years since Arbor Day became an institution of the colony. The whole proceedings were a great success. The earlv part of the day was spent in sports, in cluding races for small sums of money; but it was not, until luncheon time that the real busi ness of pleasure commenced. Considering there were about 300 children to be fed, the demands made upon the school teachers would have been rather heavy, but they had the good sense to order the cakes and co...

Longreach Police Court. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

Longreach Police Court. THE cases tried by the Bench at Longreach during the pnSt. week have not been very serious ones. On Wednesday last Patrick M'Donald, for vagrancy, was sent to Rock hampton gaol for a month, and for wilfully destroying a pair of liandcuft's while cliaincd to astuinp at the lock-up was fined XOs., or 14 days. David Hamilton who was charged with ail attempt to commit, larceny, electing to be dealt with summarily, was sentenced to three mouths' imprisonment with hard labor in Kockhampton gaol. Carriers' licenses were granted to W. Aliern, J. Ahcrn, G. Hayward, M. Manning and Arthur Orkell.

Barcaldine Small Debts Court. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

Barcaldine Small Debts Court. On the 32nd instant, before the Police Ma gistrate, tlie following cases were disposed of : A. I'AUNW.I. v. If. WILSON. Claim, £2 17K. 6d. goods sold. Verdict for plaintiff with 10s. costs. \V. CUMMIXU v. THOMAS UAVNISTER. Claim, £2 2s., for professional attendance. Verdict for plaintiff with costs 10s. Wr. CuMMlMf V. C. SlLVESTKR. Claim, £3 19s., for professional attendance. Verdict for plaintiff, with costs 10s. £1 to be paid on 8th May, balance in monthly instal ments. LUCAS & Co. & LI.OVD JONES V. TITTTI.E & Co. Claim, £2, hire of horses and buggv. Case postponed to April 29, when a verdict was given for plaintiffs with £1116s. costs. A. I'AiiN'Ei.i. v. \V. S. Tomv. Claim, £2 19s. 9d. Verdict for plaintiff with 10s costs.

LATEST NEWS BY CABLE AND WISE. [PER REUTER'S AGENCY.] London, Friday. THE PHILADELPHIA FIRE. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

LATEST NEWS B7 CABLE AND WISE. [PER REOTEH'B AGENCY.] London, Friday. THE PHILADELPHIA FIBB. Six persons are still missing in connection with the fire at the Philadelphia Theatre. THE Akaboihsts. A largo number of bombs have been found in tho town of Guliitz, Roumania. Several explosions of bombs have taken place in various parts of Belgium, bat with no serious results. TOE VENEZUELA REBELLION. The revolt in Venezuela has been quelled. Tim AMERICAN Miluonaibe. Mr. William Astor, the United States millionaire, died suddenly. He bequeathed £12,000,000 to his son, £400,000 to each of, his daughters, and an annuity of £100,000 to ? his widow. A RACEHOBSE POISONED. It has transpired that the Sake of West minster's Orme, the favorite for the Derby, was poisoned. The horse is now recovering. STANLEY IN THE HOUSE. Mr. Henry Stanley intends to seek a scat in Parliament. LONDON, Sunday. THE MAT DAY CELEBOATIONS. Every prceaution has been taken to prevent outbreaks among the anarchists to-day ...

SNOW ON THE BARCOO. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 3 May 1892

SNOW ON THE BAHCOO. THE summer of 1891-2 will bo remembered for a considerable time as one of the hottest since the hot summer of 1881-2. Hot summers, as a rule, are followed by very cold winters, and we have no reason to think that the ap proacliinfr winter is to be an exception to the rule. Although several croakers have pre dicted that there will he .1 fall of snow on the 1 liarcoo this season, we do not think there will; but we anticipate a very cold winter, for which every person should be prepared with warm Clothing, Blankets, &c., &c. Persons who have not already supplied themselves should call at T. CAIN'S, Barcaldinc, and Becure some genuine bargains.* THE RIVALS. AMONG the many mashers in Karcaldine arc two who are in love with fascinating Mary. One of these young men, whom we shall name | No. 1, went to Bockliampton, and purchased drapery, jewellery, and several knick-knacks, with which lie returned, and then presented them to Mary. She, naturally enough, ...

The Mechanism of Man. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 10 May 1892

The Mechanism of Has, A max has with him a working pump called liis heart, a working bellows called hia lungs, a working vat called his Btomach, a working condenser called hia brain, and a working evaporator called his skin, all of which must he at work whether he will or not. The heart is expending over his body day by day. He will go on lifting ho many millions of tons in so many years. If he meet with no accid ent, the time will come when his last stroke will be finished and he will die, or he may be carried off in earlier life by disease, wluch, however slight in its early stages, works like a ferment. The symptoms may scarcely be noticeable-a little laziness, slight headaches or backaches-but the cause is always at work. Take a handsome rosy cheeked young man, full of life and hope, let a germ disease enter his system, it is invisible, too small to be weighed; judged by the evidence of the senses it is too insignificant to he thought of, but it extendi indefinitely. It may be m...

WATER IN THE EAST. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 10 May 1892

WATER IN THE EAST. The bore at Mr. Richardson's selection, seven miles east of Barcaldine, was down 300 foet yesterday. At 130 feet fresh water was tapped, and tlie .supply rose to the top of the pipe, which is three feet above the ground. On Sunday this water flowed over the surface at the ordinary level. In connection with the search for artesian water in the desert country, it is a curious fact that the last bore put down on Coreena run was situated twelve miles from the black soil plains. The bore was carried down 2QQQ feet without tapping a sup ply of water, when further operations were abandoned. When Mr. King decided upon putting down tliis bore he was cautioned bv a gentleman resident in this district, who has had some experience in choosing sites for boring, that it was a dangerous experiment going in for deep sinking on the desert coun try, giving as his reason the probability of the bore being put down outside the basin con taining the artesian supply. Mr. King thought he...

THE WINDSOR MURDER. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 10 May 1892

THE WINDSOR MURDER DEKMINQ'S trial was ended last Tuesday, and after his counsel had finished he addressed the jury for an liour. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and in response to Deeming's request, twice urged, the Judge made no comments on the verdict or address to the prisoner, but simply passed the sentence of death upon him. Deeming was then removed to the gaol, where he was dressed in convict's clothes, heavily manacled, and placed in the condemned cell. Our later telegrams mention that Mr. Lyle has petitioned the Executive for a commuta tion of the death sentence on the grounds that his late client was morally irresponsible for his actions. It is not probable that this will have any effect upon the Executive, and the death sentence is likely to be carried out on Monday next. It is rumored that Deeming has confessed to the time and manner of his crimes.

VICTORIAL HOSPITAL. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 10 May 1892

VICTORIA HOSPITAL. THE usual monthly meeting of Committee was bfild at Shakspeare's Hotel on Saturday afternoon. There were presentMessrs. A. Parnell (President, in the chair), Jones, Moody, Shakspeare, Collins, Peel, Mcacham, James, Hyland, Vesper, tlie Surgeon and Secretary. The only item of correspondence were letters to and from Mr. W. C. Curtis, the Secretary of the Queensland Laborers Union, which cleared up the little misunderstanding existing with reference to the status of members of the Union when requiring admission to the Institu tion. The Surgeon reported that on the 1st April there were 11 non-paying and 1 paying males in the Institution; admissions during month-2 paying males, IS non-pajring males, and 2 females; discharged-3 paring males, 15 non-paying males ; died-1 male; remain ing-11 females, 2 females; total-13. Seven teen Silt-door patients were treated, of which 13 were relieved or cured ; four now remaining under treatment. The Surgeon made two re commendation...