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Elephind.com contains 135,029 items from Western Champion And General Advertiser For The Central-Western Districts, The, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,057 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
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KARGOOLNAH DIVISIONAL BOARD. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

KARUOOLNAH DIVISIOXAL BOARD C l-O - . , I MESSES, rarnen, unairraan ot the Divisional Board, with Messrs. Cronin and James, left. Barcaldine on Sunday to attend the meeting of the Divisional Boartl at, ttlackall yesterday. The cost, of coach fares and expenses generally amounts to £20 a trip, which our representa tives have to pav out of their own pockets and the result of their visit to Blackall is to set, a vote of about, the same amount to patch up roadways about the town. And for this, in stead of receiving the thanks of the persons who use the roads, thev generally meet with abuse. We may t herefore expect that these gentlemen will not, again seek reelection on the Board, but will allow the Carriers Onion to have the honor and profit. It is only right that the working-man should take his share in the responsibilities of local government., and we hope at the next election to see some of our patriotic earners nominated to < he vacan cies on the Divisional Hoard.

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

Wanted, MARRIED COUPLE, without encum brancc, for Portland Downs quarters. Han as Cook, woman as Housemaid. No washing. February 2Cth, 1892. C Wanted, GENERAL Servant for private family. Apply at this office. Wanted. Tjj^INISHINGr Governess requires re-engage X? ment. Superior English, French, Italian, Music, Singing, Chrystoleum and Lustre Painting. Address-" STELLA," Gingin. 1-3 N otice. ANYONE travelling with stock through DUNRAVEN, without giving due notice, will be prosecuted. ANYONE travelling through DUNRAVEN on any track other than the main road will be prosecuted. 9- H. A. COLDHAM. Department of Public Lands, Brisbane, 21st December, 1891. ATTENTION is directed to the Proclama tion published in the Government Gazette of the 12th instant, throwing open to Unconditional Selection all Lands in the Colony of Queensland, exclusive of Agricul tural Township portions, which were open for selection as Agricultural Farms before 1st January, 1891, and have not since been ap plied for...

THE BARCALDINE W00W-SC0URING WORKS. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

THE BARCALDINE W00W5C0URING WORKS. THE delay in shearing throughout the dis trict has had its effects upon the wool-scouring district keeping the -worts closed for the first two months in the year. This, however, is not an unmixed evil as {ar as the proprietor is con cerned, for it has enabled him to overhaul the machinery and get, everything ready for the constant stream of work which mav be ex pected to come in during the remainder of the year. The familiar sound of the big whistle on Wednesday morning awoke (Bhe town before daylight, and work has been going on daily since then. The wool is from Barcaldine sta tion, which is sending this year ahout 100 tons for scouring. We may mention in this connec tion that the soap turned out at the same establishment is giving great satisfaction to consumers, and " M'Loughlan's ***" has al ready created a name for itself as superior to the Eockbamptin soap, which many people think has considerably deteriorated in qualify during the last few y...

JUNDAH JOTTINGS. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

JUNDAH JOTTINGS. A correspondent at Jundali writes Marcli 23 ushered in a most enjovable change of wea ther, tlie broiling dare .mtt terribly close nights of t)i8 past four months giving "way to more seasonable temperature. With the change we had in the town about 16 points of rain, but in places only a few miles from us the fall was much heavier ; and from what I hear of the downpour above Stonelienge. I fear loading for here will be much delayed. There is yet abundance of feed here, but of course it is now getting very dry, and we are hoping for a few inches of rain to start the winter grass, and to replenish our well-nigh empty domestic water tanks. As yet we see very little to remind us that we are on one of the most important stock routes in the island, though some few drovers' plants have passed through on their way out west and north. Mr. H. Loman, the well-known drover, who, in partnersliip with his brother, has a store here, is due back in a few days from his honeymoon; and...

The Premier's Speech at Maryborough, [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

The Premier's Speech at Maryborough, AT the banquet given to Sir P. V. Griffith at Maryborough last week, the Premier in the course of bis speech said " It was eighteen years since he first had the honor to hold office as a Minister of the Croxvn, and he had been in a more or less prominent position ever since. If people who had been in the coloay all that time had not formed an idea of what kind of man he was he was sorry. It appeared to him that criticism now came mostly from those who had recently arrived in the colony. (Cheers.) It was perfectly marvellous to him to see those gentlemen who had only been a few months, or at the most two or three years, in the colony, putting themselves forward to teach the old colonists their busi ness. That was not surprising from one point of view, but it was surprising from another point of view to see so many of the people allowing themselves to be led away by these new teachers. (Cheers.) Who were the most likely to have the welfare of the c...

ALICE RIVER SETTLEMENT. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

ALICE RIVER SETTLEMENT. MB. J. It HAEEISOU, Secretary of the Co operative Settlement, fiends thefollowing news: --Our men brought home on Tuesday four cows and two calves from Delta station, making the handsome total of ten cows and five calves presented to us by J. M. Niall, Esq. Our dairy herd now numbers nineteen cows and yearling heifers and eleven calves. As nearly all our members are at home, the improvements are being pushed briskly forward. Our stockyards are in workable order, but not quite finished. One party is veiy busy at the dairv, which will be built of stone; the walls will be 2ft. thick, wd be on the lines of a plan received from the Department of Agriculture, Brisbane. Another party is trenching and manuring the vineyard in readiness for the planting season : and last, but not least, our carpenters will , soon have completed a substantial dwelling . 36ft by 12ft, with spacious verandahs and cor rugated iron roof. Tfiis house is being built , with the timber presett...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

LUGAS & Co. & LLOYD-JONES. umniuB, Have for Sale, OA AAA FEET HARDWOOD, in soit vFvr able sizes, from 33s. per 100 sup. feet for large lots. 60,000 feet M. PINE, in all sizes and lengths, 31s. per 100 sup. feet. 20 400-gallon Ships TANKS, with lids, price £6 Gs. each. 50 bags best COAL at £4 per ton. Allotments in Longreach, cheap. PRODUCE : Prime 1'otatoes, Onions. Chaff, Maize, Cheese, daily arriving, at Lowest quotations. For Sale or Cease. The Hughenden Hotel, Hughenden. DOING- a First-class Trade. This Hold is placed upon the market on account of ill-health of the proprietor. 6afc and sure investment, to a steady man. Full par ticulars on application to LUCAS & CO. & LLOYD-JONES, Commission Agents, 0- Barcaldine. N otice LUCAS & co. & LLOYD-JONES win sell by auction, at an early date, a Complete Hawker's Plant, Consisting of Waggon, Harness, Horses, Stock in-Trade, &c. As a going concern it is undeniable, and the auctionee...

WHO WILL DO THE COOKING? [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

WHO WILL DO THE COOKING ? THIS comes to us from beyond the Barcoo Jimmy, the blackboy. was a general favourite at the head-station, and being particularly fond of his "grub," he had especially courted and succeeded in thinning the good feelings of the married couple in the kitchen, who, besides providing for his bodily wants, hod also under taken on their own responsibility to administer to the requirements of his immortal soul. They had, consequently, amongst other things, taught him that when he died he would, the same as everybody else, go up above to the " big fellow boss," if he behaved himself here down below. This evidently puzzled Jimmy, and after care fully weighing the advantages and disadvan tages of such a proceeding, he one morning .went to the manager, overseer, jackeroo, et<\, who were all standing outside the store, r'id asked each of them, with a very grave ia \ pointing up towards the heavens abovet "You go up along'a big fellow boss when you die ?" Afte...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

'incorporated under the Companies Act of 1863.) Bankers to the Government of Queensland. Authorised Capital £2,000,COO Subscribed Capital £1,600,000 Paid-up Capital £800,000 Reserve Fund £486,000 HON. P. H. HARTJVIxicfChairman. Hot). BOYD D. MOREHEAD, M.L.A. But ARTHUR H. PALMER, K.C.M.G., M.L.C. A. B. WEBSTER, ESQ. Arm TORS : FRANCIS Q. 80UTHERDEN, ESQ. WM. ROBERTSON STRONG, Esq., C.A. SOLICITORS ; MESSRS. HART & FLOWER. GF.seral MA.KA.QER : EDWARD ROBERT DRURY, C.M.G. GENERAL MANAGER'S OFFICE. Secretary: D. GEO. Sti-ART. £ub-Inspectore of Branches: F. J. O'FLYSN; Alex. STEUABT. HEAD OFFICE BRISBANE. MANAGER : H. W. GLENNY. Accountant: JOHN BROWN. BEAKCHES< LONDON OFFICE: 29 Lombard-Street, E.C. LOCAL DiRKCTOns: E. 8. DAWES. EfQ. VICAHY GIBBS, Erq. R. M. STEWART, ESQ. C. E. BARNETT, ESQ. MANAGER : J. W. DICKINSON (acting). BANKERS : THE BANK OF ENGLAND. THE CONSOLIDATED BANK, LIMITED. SYDNEY: 99 PITT-STREET. QUEENSLAND BRANCHES. Aramac, Albion (?with Agency at Nu...

GOSSIP FROM MOTTABURRA. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

GOSSIP FROM MOTTABDRRA. 1 A CORRESPONDENT at Muttaburra sends us a, few items of gossip, which may perhaps inter «st some of our subscribers on the Lands borough. Mr. Charles Bennett and Miss Fanny Blown were wedded on the 24th March, and there was a jollification in honor of tlio event at Mr. 'Murphy's hotel. As a result of tho festivity it is surmised that a strike ensued among some of the lady helps at a leading hotel in. Muttaburra. The mistress of the house was rather nonplussed, for after finish ing up the week's washing and scrubbing the bedrooms and laying the dinner table, there was no one to wait upon the boarders. For tunately for the credit of the house a retired butler was bunted up, and when the young men came into dinner they were surprised at being waited upon by a dignified old gentle mOrt in faultless broadcloth, who looked more like a bishop than a waiter. Our correspond ent does not say whether the girls returned to their allegiance and condescended to continue o...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

Special Advertisements. NEW ZEALAND LOAN AND MER CANTILE AGENCY CO. LTD. ESTABLISHED, 1865. Capital authorised ... £4,560,000 " subscribed ... 4,000,000 " Paid-up ... 8G2,7G7 Reserve Fund ... 310,000 Reserved Profits ... 8,G67 £1,181,434 HEAD OFFICE : Portland House, Basingball-strect, LONDON, K.C. HEAD OFFICE IN AUSTRALIA : Collins-street West, MELBOURNE. GENERAL MANAGES : David Elder. INSPECTOR cf PASTORAL PROPERTIES : William Oliver. WITH BRANCHES IN: SYDNEY, ADELAIDE, BRISBANE, ROCKHAMPTON, and Throughout NEW ZEALAND. BOCKHAMPTON OFFICES & STORES William-Street. LIVE STOCK AGENTS, CUSTOMS, FORWARDING, S: GENERAL MERCANTILE AGENTS. Large Stocks of GENERAL STATION SUPPLIES kept. PRODUCE SHIPMENTS arriving regularly by steamers and direct sailing vessels. WOOL and PRODUCE received for ship ment to, and sale by, all our SOUTHERN Offices (where AUCTION SALES aro regu larly held) or forwarded on to LONDON for realisation. TOTAL WOOL IMPORTED INTO LONDON during 1890 bv the COMP...

FATAL ACCIDENT. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

FATAL ACCIDENT. . WE have to record a sad accident which occurred at Wellshot station on Wednesday last, whereby a young man named Willie Miles, who was engaged breaking in young horses, lost his life. He was riding a colt on Wednesday morning when the animal fell, and rolled over Ids rider, inflicting severe Injuries. Mr. R. A. HopkinB, who. had just returned from a visit toBarcaldine, and had driven homo from Dfracombe that morning, immediately put fresh horses in hie buggy and drove back 30 miles to tho township -with the patient, roacliing Hfraoombo at 2 a.m. on "mursdny morning. Dr. Cumtmng happened to be In tiie township, but his services -WOT© of no avail, as the sufferer died half-an-liour After f brought to the hotel.

STOCK AND STATION REPORT. CHAMPION Office, Monday, 10 p.M. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

STOCK & STATION REPORT. CHAMPION Offico, Monday, 10 p.M. THB M'catlior continues dry wit)! warm days and cool nights. It is not vory much consola tion to hoar that; while the droughty weather continues in the western parts they are ex periencing floods in Brisbane and the Darling Downs district, out west to Dalby and Roma. There has been some activity IU business, owing to large consignments of Btation sup plies arriving at Barcaldine, and tlie goods shed lias more merchandise in it to-day than at any time during the last two months. With tho commencement of shearing at Coreena we may hope, however, to have a busy time of it from now until the end of tlie year. In the Carriers' Union office to-day there were 90 carriers ready for loading and 134 teams available. The only wool brought in this week, outside of that for scouring, w,« 193 bales from Warbreccan, 166 from Mutti Mutti and 16 from Isis Downs. In other pro ducts, Lucas and Co. sent forward 11 hides, . 3 bales and 5 b...

Round the Camp Fire [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

THE monkeys were safely yarded for the night just inside a patch of thick scrub, and tired out our droving friends were taking a well-earned spell. The day bad been a ter rible trying one. Early morning, burnt country bad been met with ; the ravaged area appeared to be of considerable extent, for Milligan, who went out to reconnoitre, said there was1 nothing for it but to go through it, and make for Deadman's Scrub, ten miles away, instead of camping at Wirra, where there used to be good water, only six miles distant. The forced march all day across burnt plains, without a bit of green, was fearful, and were it not for Wirra, where the stock got a drink, the losses must have been great. A queer place Wirra-it was merely a mud spring, around which a coarse grass grew, but the water was sweet and pure. At Deadman's the ravages of the fire bad been stayed by a small gully, which appeared to embrace the timber like a bow in fact the scrub was a pocket, as it were A nice picking for the ...

Accidents and Offences. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

Accidents and Offences. A SHOOTING case took place at Sooth Y&rra on March 22, when Jus. Thompson Turncock, of Turncock and Co., Ltd., manufacturers, was shot by William Beassell, a manufacturing chemist- The dispute arose over business natters, and Beassell seized the premises and stock-in-trade of the company, under a bail iff's order, but was forcibly ejected by three men, who were supposed to be acting under Turncock's orders. Beassell armed himself with a gun, and again obtained possession, and was in charge on Tnesday, when Turn cock endeavored to come in, claiming he hod the requisite authority. Beassall pointed the gun at him, and as he refused to retreat he shot him in the body. Turncock staggered and fell, as if dead. He was taken to the Alfred Hospital, where it was found that, though ho was seriously injured, there Was immediate danger of a fatal termination. Beassell has been arrested. THOMAS C. Gkken was committed for triaP on March 23 for the manslaughter at M...

Notes and Comments. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

* gtotca and (tonmtte. PEOPLE say that the Longreach Jockcy Club must be a financial success since Mr. J. Gould has consented to be honorary treasurer. DIAMONDS, Hearts, Clubs, and Spades iB the popular designation for the Windsor tragedy, and " Come where my love lies-Deeming," the new version of an old refrain. THE Sydney Bulletin has invented names for the leaders of the Queensland Co alition Government. Sir S. W. Griffith is dubbed Sir Tomuel Grifil wraith, whilst Sir Thomas M'Hwraitli is designated Sir Samas M'llgriff. AUSTRALIAN sheep seem to find favor in South Africa. About 40 rams sent to Cape Colony, not long ago, from Victoria, averaged £30 per head, the highest price being £54. A Tasmanian ram at the same sale brought £150. The expenses of trans portation was £7 for eacli sheep. SIB S. W. GRIFFITH is not at all inclined to amend the Electoral Act in the direction of " one man one vote." He said in his speech at Maryborough that " it would be liko a father giving his boy ...

What People Say. P. J.WALLACE, ESQ., KANGAROO VALLEY, N.S.W. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

What People Say. P. J.WALLACE, ESQ., KANGAROO VALLEY, N.S.W. WHITES : " Dear Sir,-I have much pleasure in bearing witness to tbe great value of Clements Tonic in cases of Lassitude, Ner vousness, and Constitutional Debility gen erally. For more than twelve months 1 was a martyr to extreme lassitude, loss of appetite, sleeplessness and their concomitant train of physical troubles, so much so that I feared I should have to abandon my profession as a journalist, writing being particularly irksome and laborious to me. I tried several advertised tonics (?) with little or no good result, and began to think my case beyond the power of medicine to cure However, seeing your tonic advertised in my exchangee, I concluded to try it aaa "dernier report," and I am pleased to say that the result was most satisfactory. After taking one bottle I found my appetite jnnch improved, I could 6leep more Eoundiy, and felt refreshed next morning, I continued the medicine, taking in all six largo bottles, an...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

Auctioneers, Agendas, fee. Lloyd's Gnat Western and Central Queensland Forwarding Agency. (ESTABLISHED 1883.) kasKojliofil-Joiies, RECEIVING, FORWARDING, AND General - Commission - Agents, AUCTIONEERS, Stock and Station Agents, Barcaldine, llfracombe and Longreach, AGENCIES Queensland Employers Association. Walter Reid & Co. Limited. Rockhampton Union Mortgage & Agency Co. B. D. Morehead & Co. J. M. Headrick & Co. W. G. Thompson & Co. Lakes Creek Meat Preserving Works Barns & Twigg, Rockhampton Sydney Williams & Co. W. F. Walton & Co. S. Bassett, Roma Vineyard. London and Lancashire Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Sonth British Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Agencies throughout the Colonies. London Agents E. S. LUCAS k Co., Guildhall Chamber--. W, C, MARSHALL |i CO., (Late J. P. PETEBSOX) AUCTIONEERS, Stock & Station, Forwarding, General, Commission and Insurance Agents, BARCALDINE. R. A. MCKENZIE & Co., (L...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

Public Wottce. JL, PRICE begs to inform tbe residents . of l-iongreach and surrounding dis tricts that be has opened a Pirst-olass Tailoring Establishment. All orders entrnsted to bis care will re ceive prompt and careful attention. A large and splendid stock to choose from at Rockbampton Prices. Station orders a speciality. Note tbe Address er. X*. PBZCE, Tailor and Habit Maker, Eagle-Street, cq LONGBEACH, Q.C.R. HALFERTY & O'ROURKE, Carcass and Family Batchers, EAGLE-ST., LONGREACH. THIS Firm, with its long experience in the Butchering trade, and possessing the best grassed and best ?watered Grazing Farm in the vicinity of Longreacli, are able to supply the best of Beef and Mutton to their customers. Corned Beef properly prepared for Carriers, Drovers, and Travellers generally, who may rely upon obtaining the Primest Meat at this establishment. 7 J. R. ROSS' BILLIARD ROOM, BARCALDINE, Is supplied with one of Alcock's Best Tables. ALL Western Mates in want of a good quiet g...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 April 1892

Notice. THE Secretary of the Victoria Hospital desires to acknowledge a benefit given 1 by Harris' Circus, which netted £G 10s. for the funds of the Institution, with many thanks to the proprietors of the circus; also received from Mr. F. R. James, parcel Eng lish papers for the patients, with thanks. Will some more Good Samaritans come forward in the same wav ? C. H. FYSH, Secretory. N.B.-Annual subscriptions are due. Manchester Fire Assurance Company. [Established 1824.] Capital ~lei.500.000. One of the oldest and wealthiest com panies in the world. Mr.. C. H. FYSH has been appointed Agent for the above-mentioned Com jany in liarcaldiiie and District, and is tuthorised to accept proposals for Fire In lurance at current rates. D. G. BUTTON, General Agent for Queensland. B.C.R^Clnb. THE Annual Meeting of the members of the above Club will be held on THURS DAY. April 7th. 1892, at 8 p.m.. in Peel's Hotel. Business.-Election of Officers, fixing date Annual Race Meeting, and general. J...