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Elephind.com contains 341 items from Northwest Worker, The, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,306 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
341 results
Page 4 [Newspaper Page] — The Northwest worker. — 27 September 1917

Payc Four The Northwest Worker Enti- ed :is lecond-claea matter Match ;. L9ll. at the postoffice at Everet1. Washington, under the act of March 8, 187* IND. PHONE MAIN 478 Publish**) every Thursday at 1012 California St., Everett.v Wash., By H. W. WATTS, Editor nnd Manager Yearly subscription, $1; six months, 60c; three months, 25c; single copies, S e«nta. PLEASE DON'T LAUGH The American Affiance for Labor and Democracy—the Gompers-Rus^ell bunch— 4a going to send delegates to Russia to tell the Russian people what a great democratic country this is and liow very nice the government treats the workers, and how "free and independent (stick out your chest) the horny handed son of toil is. The delegation will beg of the Russians to keep up the fight along side the Allies and after the war some good, kind American capitalists will go over to Russia and give (?) the Russians some work so that they won't starve. But if we know anything at all about the Russian situation we are of the opini...

Publication Title: Northwest Worker, The
Source: Chronicling America [US Library of Congress]
Country/State of Publication: Washington, United States