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Elephind.com contains 135,029 items from Western Champion And General Advertiser For The Central-Western Districts, The, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,057 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
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Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

WATCHES Cleaned aqd Repaired. Prices consistent with Good Workmanship only. No half-price slumming jobs. If work not satisfactory money returned,-G. R. Pbbcy, Jeweller, East-Street, Rockhampton. BARCALDINE CRATED WATER FACTORY. J. HOWARD HAS purchased the entire Stock-in-Trade and Goodwill of this business from Mr. Luke Byrnes, and is prepared to take and supply orders from all parts of tbe neighborhood. Tbe superiority of tbe Aerated Waters sent out from this Factory has been well established in this district, and as "good wine needs no bush," it is unnecessary to say more than that this superiority will be fully maintained by tbe present proprietor. CHARLES MORRIS, BAKER & CONFECTIONER, Emu-St., Longreacli. THE proprietor of this establishment, tbe oldest established Baking Business in Longreacli, begs to announce that having secured tbe services of an experienced Pastry Cook and Confectioner, is prepared to cater for Balls, Suppers, Parties, ic. Wedding Cakes nnd Confecti...

Professor Shelton before the Commissioners. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

Professor Skelton before the Commissioners. FROM the full report of the Select Commis sion on Assisted Land Settlement we extract the following interesting portions of evidence givon by Professor Shelton: It may have been my good or bad luck, in 1871, to be a member of the celebrated Greeley colony, located on the high plateau fifty miles from the city of Denver, in the state of Colo rado. I was there within six months after it located. It was strictly n co-operative colony. The members selected a considerable area of land, appointed offioera, and formed a village. They were mostly persons with some little means; New Englanders and some West erners. The enterprise was started in way: Thf land was sold in lots. I went there with 1400 dollars, about £300. I bought 80 acres of load, for which I paid GOO dollars ; and for the water rights irrigation right-another 100 dollars. Of course this was in open level country trimilnr to that beyond Roma. This was on the land-grant of the old Den...

Mitchell Rabbit Board. (Condensed from the Charleville Times.) [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

Mitchell Babbit Board. (Condensed from the CharUvilk Times,) A meeting of tlic Mitchell Babbit Board was held at the Board's Office, Charleville, on Tuesday, June 20. There were present, Messrs. J. G. A. Peddle, E. B. Learmonth, A. H. Feglar, T. G. Millar, W. J. Young1, I. S. Avery and A. Donaldson (Babbit Inspec tors), and Charles McLean, (Boards' superin tendent). A letter from the Board to the Minister for Lands, applying for rabbit netting, was read, also a reply from the Minister for Lands, ask ing the Board's opinion as to the advisableness of making internal fences of a different speci fication of netting. It was resolved that the netting to bo used on fences other than those on the border of tho colony be 48in x l}in by 17 gauge. As an amendment Mr. Peddle proposed that our fenccs other than that on the border of the colony he made of 3ft Gin netting l£ mesh and 17 gauge, put six inches in the ground and threo feet out. Resolved that the line from Charlevillo to the south-ea...

SPOR-TING RACING EVENTS TO COME. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

RACING EVENTS TO COME. Peak Downs Turf Club Annual Meeting, July C, 7. Rockbampton Jockey Club Annual Meeting, July 20. 21. Ba.rca.ldine Central Bating Club, August 3,4. Loll preach Jockey Club, August 24, 25. Jundah, August 30, 31. TIIEEE must be something1 ju the climate of Mackay which nets prejudicially against horse racing. For three principal handicaps, the Mackay Turf Club received very poor nominations. The Club Handicap attracted only six horses, the Pioneer Handicap seven, and the Flying1 Handicap four. Mr. Eugene Monaglian's colt Donizetti, who walked off very easily with the much-coveted Hughenden Bracelet at the recent annual meeting of the Hughenden J.C., is a sleepy looking chestnut, three years old, by Marvel lous-Gertrude, by King of the Ring-Rich mond Belle (sister to Richmond, Bosworth, Palmyra, &c.), by Maribyrnong-The Falcon. He was selected by his present owner upon that gentleman's last visit to the adjoining colony, and was one of a batch tuken north....

The D'Arcy Stanfields. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

The D'Arcy St&aflelds. Tiie D'Arey Stanfield Pantomime and Opera Company played at Longreach on tlio last three nights of tlie past week to Tory large audiences. Country stages are not Mutable for the production of spectacular plays and pantomimes without a profusion 01 scenery, transformation hcihs, ballet, and all the usual stage accessories of tbis description of play. Without them, in a measure, it is dreary, disappointing, and unsatis factory alike to tho unfortunate performers and to the audience. " Little Monte Christo" as performed by Miss Eva Clements and Mr. Stanfield at Longreach was the mere skele ton of the original extravaganza. The dia logue is sparkling, although burlesques are now played out in civilized communities. Rhymes, puns, young ladies in masculine costume, and men in women's clothes, are drifting rapidly out of fashion. The vivacity of Mr. Stanfield and Miss Clements redeems much of tie dreariness, and carries it through to its termination. The loca...

Winton Races. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

Winton Races. -? THE annual meeting of the North Gregory Turf Club came off last week. There was a fairly large gathering, but not so many as at the last Christmas meeting. The fields were fairly large, and all the events were well contested. Messrs. Hughes, Stein, Manning and Francis did most of fcho betting, and brought their winnings (P) back to Longrench last Saturday. The following are the differ ent events on the first day: TRIAL STAKES of 25 sovs., 1 mile. Mr. A. Dale's chg Exchange ... ... 1 Wr. J. Anderson's gg Erin ... ... 2 Daleaford, Nightshade, Explosion, Drago man, Kipper, Rodney and Playboy also started, lie winner carried Hlbs. over weight. Time-lmin. 52£BOCS. FLYING HANDICAP of £50, f-mile. . Mr. S. Clemesha's clim Vida, 7-12 ... 1 Mr. Selwyn's chg Rebellion, 8-3 ... ... 2 Mr. Forester's chg Sir Thomas, 8-4 ... 3 Six others started.-Time-lmin. 19 two fifths sees. SELLING RACE, 1 mile. Mr. D. Clemesha's bg Dragoman... ... 1 Mr. P. Carmody's Lightning ... ... 2 Mr. S....

Great Fire in Sydney. [BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH.] FROM OUR OWN COBBESPONDENT. SYDNEY, Thursday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

Great Fire in Sydney. +~ [BY EUSCTBIO TELEGRAPH.] FEOM OtJE OWN COBBESPONDENT. SYDNEY, Thursday. At a quarter past 12 o'clock this morning a fire was discovered in Laeseter's kerosene bond in Bonrke-street, Waterloo. The alarm was given by the watchman of the brewery, and immediately the Metropolitan Brigade turned out. On their arrival they found the galvan ised iron buildings of two floors, and 150ft. long, and 50ft. wide, containing detonators and kerosene, all ablaze. Scarcely had a stream of water been directed on the flames, when a terrible explosion occurred, throwing the firemen and the spectators to the ground, and scattering sheets of iron and burning fragments of wood and blazing' tins of kerosene high into the air. The force of the explosion was terrific. Near by is a terrace of cottages. Not only were they utterly wrecked, but the ceilings were torn down in great patches, and the plaster of the walls thrown all over the floor. Superintendent Bear was thrown violently on...

SECOND DAY. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

SECOND DAT. LASSES' MILE, of £30; I mile. Mr. A. Dale's Exchange, 7-11 ... ... 1 Mr. T. Rivett's Marshal Soult, 8-3 ... 2 Mr. E. Darch'a Kelso, 7-10 ... ... 3 Three other starters. Time-limn. 49secs. PBESIDBNT'S GIFT, of £50, added to £20 from the Club; If mile. Mr. GleeBtm's Briarroot, 10-2 ... ... 1 Mr. Dale's The Gift, 10-2 2 Mr. Klugh's Powderhatn, 10-10 ... ... 3 Three others started. .Won in 2min. 23BOCS. NOVEL SELLING RACE. Mr, Steele's Playboy ... ... 1 Mr. Crean's Sailor ... ... ... 2 Mr. Chirnside'B Lightning ... ... 3 Four others started. NORTH GREGORY TURF CLOT HANDICAP, of £100! 2 miles. I Mr. P. Milson's Tattler, by North Star, 9-0 1 Mr. Langdon's Friar Tuck, 7-10 ... ... 2 Mr. Selwyn's Rebellion, 8-2 ... ... 3 Four others started. Time-3min. 49 3-5 sees. FAREWELL HANDICAP. Mr. Rivett's Marshal Soult, 84 ... 1 Mr. Steele's Playboy, 7-3 ... ... 2 Mr. Dale's The Gift, 7-2 3 Four other starters. Time-lmin. 483-5 sees.

Notes and Comments. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

JlotM and tiMimito. / ~ IT is stated that 250 c^^Brccs were granted by the Victorian judg-9 durin" the past year. J " THE busy Bees in the Assembly are the members for Bulimba, Barcoo. Burke aud Bundaberg. THEREseems to belittle difficulty in obtaining young lady missionaries in Austra lia to preaeli Christianity in China. We \v-ondcr no attempt lias been made to convert the Chinese gardeners in Queensland. THE Sydney Bulletin says:-" It is ?y <:"ough tliat the labor member Rran will relinquish the Barcoo next year and con test Maryborough against Anuear." THE 24th June was the anniversary of the death of Adam Gordon. There was a simple gathering around the poet's grave on that day, and a wreath of English wild flowers (sent from England by the lady wlw was the direct cause of Gordon leaving the old country) was placed upon the tomb. THE compositors on the staff of the Syusicy Evening u\tw$ have had their Wti«"c<s ' induced. The printers waut to know why they a...

STORIES TOLD Catching a Colonel. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

STORIES TOLD Catching a Colonel. THE Colonel of the Red Hussars was an Irishman, who was as proud of his nation ality as it is possible for an Irishman to be, and that is not saying a little by any means. He carried his patriotism so far, as to aver that not only were the Irish the finest, the most courageous, and the most gifted of the four nationalities, but that nearly all the really great Englishmen were really Irish men. He justified this Hibernianism by a mode of reasoning which was highly original, bnt not wholly convincing. It would have provoked shouts of laughter in the mess if it Lad proceeded from the lips of a subaltern, but toe Colonel was an altogether different person to deal with. It would be dangerous to quarrel with him, and ho was as peppery as a London fog, or an old maid who has been jilted by the ourate. It was considered far more advisable 'to give him his head,' and let him exhaust himself by the violence of his own efforts. When he launched out on his favor...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

; to the Government of Queensland, rlborised Capital £2,000,COO ubscribed Capital £1,000,000 SJd-ap Capital £800,000 i Fund £485,000 _ __ Dibectom : SON. P. H. H.lRT, Chairman. HON. BOYD D. MOEEHEAD, M.L.A Sis ARTHUR H. PALMER, E.C.M.G., VT.C ^ A. B. WEBSTER, Esq, AUDITORS : FRANCIS ft. SOUTHERDEN, Esa. WH. ROBERTSON BTBONQ. EHQ , C.A. Solicitors . MESSHB. HART & FLOWER. Gekebai. Manager : DWABD ROBERT DRUBY, C.M.G. ENSEAL MANAGER'S OFFICE. Stctetaiy: i, D. GEO. STUART. lib-Inspectors 0f | : I Branch Accountant: F. J. OFLTSN. I G. H. Pritcbiud. r Alex, STEUAET. [ HEAD OFFICE BRISBANE. MAKAOF.n: H. W. GLENNY. Accountant: JOHN BROWN. BRANCHES. LONDON OFFICE: 29 Lombard-Street, E.C, LOCM. DIBKCTOSS : E. 8. DAWES, ESQ. VICARY GIBBS. ESQ. R. M. 6TEWART, ESQ. C. E. BARNETT, ESQ. MANAGER: J. W. DICKINSON (acting). BANKERS : THE BANK OF ENGLAND. THE CONSOLIDATED BANK, LIMITED. SYDNEY: 99 PITT-STREET. QUEENSLAND BRANCHES. Aramac, Albion (with Agency at Nundah), Allora. Barcaldine, Be...

The Treasury Returns. QUARTERLY AND ANNUAL STATEMENT. BY ELECTBIC TELEGRAPH. FEOM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT. BEISBANE, Saturday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

The Treasury Returns. QUABTEBLY AND ANNUAL STATEMENT. BY ELECTBIC TELEGRAPH. FEOM OUK OWN OOEBE8PONDENT. BEISBANE, Saturday. THE revenue for the quarter just ended'was £878,522, which, however, includes £126,000 the proceeds of land sales under the Special Act. The revenue for the corresponding quarter of last year was £783,084. The revenue for the year ending June 30th was £3,473,716, compared with £3,350,222 for the previous year, or, deducting £125,000 from special land sales, a falling off of £150G. The expenditure for the year ending June 30 was £3,625,280, or £151,564 in excess of the revenue. A BOOKSELLIE in Tokio, the capital of Japan, thus advertises his businesss-" The advantages of our establishment.-1. Prices cheap as a lottery. 1. Book elegant as a singing gill. 3. Print clear as crystal. 4. Paper tough as elephant's hide. 5. Custom, era treated m politely as by the rival steam ship companies. 6. Articles as plentiful as in a library. 7. Goods despatched as expedit ious...

VICTORIA. MELBOURNE, Monday evening. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

VICTORIA. MELBOURNE, Monday evening. The management of the Proprietary mine state that it iB not their intention in the lire sent crisis to send outside labor to Broken Kill to take the place of the strikers. The mines will simply he shut down. The direc tors are confident that the managers have made satisfactory preparations for a prolonged strike.

Indoor Work. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

Indoor Work. AN American physician declares that iudoor workers suffer more from kidney and liver disease than any other class of workers. He says " A man goes to his office and Bits tlierc all day, and never thinks of relieving the ten sion on the muscles of the back, the result is that the muscles of the kidney become soft and flabby and lose their vitality, the kidneys themselves become weak and debilitated, and the final result is termed Bright's disease, probably ending in extreme nervous prostra tion. The signs of the onset of such diseases are well-known, the appetite becomes fickle, the eyesight failp, palpitation ensues, a weak feeling is experienced, and a small acho in the small of the back. Now when these first ap pear the case is only beginning, and proper treatment always results in a permanent cur<^ but if neglected the complaints pass into the ' chronic stage, and then require very protrac ted attention, and the cases sometimes become so protracted that ev...

LATEST NEWS BY CABLE AND WIRE. [PER REUTER'S AGENCY.] LONDON, Thursday. THE VICTORIAN LOAN. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

LATEST NEWS .BY CABLE AND WIRE. [PER REUTER'B AGENCY.] LONDON, Thursday. THE VICTOEIAIT LOAN. The tenders for the Victorian 3J per cent, loan of £2,000,000 were opened to-day. The amount tendered for was £2,477,000. The total number of tenders was 291. Tenderers at tie minimum will receive 30 per cent, of the amount. One broker tendered for £200,000 at Is. above the minimum, and another for £175,000 at 2s. above. Stock is now quoted at j per cent, premium. DIUBS AND THE QUEEN. The Queen will give Mr. Dibbs an audience at Windsor to-morrow. It is reported that he will be knighted by Her Majesty. Sunday. Mr. Dibbs had an interview with the Queen at Windsor Castle yesterday. Her Majesty expressed pleasure at receiving a subject who had gained such distinction. At the Omadian celebration banquet last night, Mr. Dibbs, in the course of his speech, expressed a hope that before long steamer lines and cable communication would be estab lished between Canada and Australia. Mr. Dibbs on his w...

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

6. A. HENDERSON, Timber Merchant, Barcoldine and Longreach, BEGS to thank the public of the town and district for past favors conferred, and desires to inform his customers that he has now made arrangements with the leading Saw Mill proprietors at Maryborough ana Bundaberg for the supply of all descriptions of TIM BEE and BUILDING MATERIALS; FURNITURE, WHEELWRIGHTS' MAT EBIAL, JOINERY, See., At prices never before heard of in this District, being an advance of rail freights only oa Bockhampton Prices. Station orders promptly executed, and customers may rely upon having their teams loaded with SOUND TIMBER only. Cypress Fine supplied if required. The largest stock io the West now at hand. Estimates for all descriptions of Building Requisites supplied upon application without any charge. Station Paddock Gates, 8 feet by 4 feet 9 in. of hardwood, strongly bolted together, caa be purchased for 30s. per pair at G. A. HENDERSON'S, pf rcaldine. JERICHD SAW MILLS EtKjHO EICHO. ^ J. S UTTLIF...

REVISION COURTS. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

REVISION COURTS. Thb magistrates will sit in the Bevision Courts at various places to-day There are 95 objections to names on the Baicoo roll in the Burcaldine division.

Advertising [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

^2' BARCALDINE CENTRAL RACING CLUB. (Registered \rith Q.T. Club). ANNUAL,-MEETING, Wednesday and Thursday, August 3rd and 4th. ADDED MONEY: £650. PRESIDENT : VICE-Pbesidbnts : W. H. CAMPBELL, Esa. J. A. M'ARTHOH, Esa, J. K. CUDMORE, Esa. Treasuber : ARTHUR PARNELL, Esa. COMMITTEE : Mr. S. Fairbairn Mr. O. BANCKE Mr. R. NICHOLSON J. CBONIN J. ABTHDR J. LtovD-JONES E. A. PEEL E. P. HUME PROGRAMME. SECOND DAY. First Race, start at li noon. HURDLES HANDICAP, of £50; about 2 miles, over 8 hurdles about 3ft. 6in. high. Second horse to receive £5 from the prize. Nomination £1, acceptance £110s. Second Race, start at 12'lfi p.m. SECOND CORINTHIAN HANDICAP, of £40; li miles. Same conditions as First Corin thian. Nomination 10a., acceptance £110s. LUNCH. Third Race, start at S'30 p.m. RAILWAY HANDICAP, of £100; 14 miles; second horse to receive £10 from tne prize; third horse £5. Winner of B.C.R.C. or Fly ing Handicap to carry a penalty of 71b., or of both handicaps, 101b. Nomination £1, acce...

NEW SOUTH WALES. SYDNEY, Friday. [Newspaper Article] — The Western Champion and General Advertiser for the Central-Western Districts — 5 July 1892

NEW SOUTH WALES. SYDNEY, Friday. I The Government have received information that William Blake, a firemen on board the the steamer Oroya, died of smallpox in Sydney to-day. The leaders of the unemployed are taking steps to petition the Governor to call upon the Minstry to resign. Monday. A meeting of five thousand working men ?was held at Broken Hill yesterday to consider the ultimatum of the directors of the asso ciated mines with reference to freedom of contract. It -\vas unanimously resolved that the men should be called out. The smelters and surface workers, to the number of another thousand, have also resolved to strike. The position is regarded as the most serious trouble ever experienced in that district. The gene ral impression is that the strike will be hut of short duration. Evening. The manager of the Broken Hill South mine this morning wired that the men are called out, and that he has everything secured and in good shape. An Assyrian woman, aged about 30, a hawker, pass...