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Page 4 [Newspaper Page] — The daily herald. — 30 July 1887

LIFE OF A BALLET llnnl Work ami 1oor lnyAfleir the Norellr Hiw Worn Off Fun Franctoco Knwa Letter t Tho lallet girl may bo said to soil hor liberty entirely for n small buu If bIio fe a singer alio oarns 10 or 12 a wrok generally 10 and hor work Is as fol lows iroboarsats aro called at 10 sharp uvcry morning when sho must sing ill or well until 3 or 8 in tho af tornoon bringing her lunch in her hand Sho then goes homo tired out possibly somo llatanco from tho theatre Arrived thoro is always something to bo done somo drosa to alter to a good fit laco to wash ribbont to iron stockings to mend or tights to dyo if its not ono thing Its another Thoso llftlo mattors take up her titoo till supper whloh is scarcely down her thtoat wlion sho must rush olf to her work from which all tho pleasures has long sneo dopartcd Tho girls dress in crowded closo rooms and as every ono la for herself thero is a general scrlmmago often a light for placo Tho performance closes at 11 and it Is 12 sometimes ...

Publication Title: Daily Herald, The
Source: Chronicling America [US Library of Congress]
Country/State of Publication: Hawaii, United States