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Elephind.com contains 1 items from Cass County Sun, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,057 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
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Page 1 [Newspaper Page] — Cass County Sun — 28 December 1950

If Co THB CASS COUNTY' SU^— Mi. and Mrs. Maivin W. Cameron Celebrates Wedding Anniversary Mr and Mrs. Martin W. Cameron observed their Golden Wedding Anniversary Dec. 24 at their beautiful farm home on highway 77 between Marietta "i,h„,5ock house from two to four hl $0\X?:hundred guests 7ai?r^t5si state and thirty four out of the county. Their only children. T. Waldo Cameron of Dallas an Mrs. Wendell Smith of Na- ples were present. Their daughter, Mrs. \\ e dell Smith of Naples and Mrs Joe Beard a niece, of Vivian La greeted the guests Mrs. Tom Willis and Mrs. Merlin Cox presided at the Register Mrs. Burr Cameron and Mrs Joe Beard attended the punch bow . with Mrs. Herbert Robertson and Mrs. Paul Jackson, also as- sisted in the dining room. Mrs. Jamie Brabham had charge ^ gifts. The Gold Color scheme was emphasized with vellow mums for decorations. The tea table [was covered with a cut work cloth: the centerpiece was an arrangement of yeUow mums m a gold basket with bells sus- pende...

Publication Title: Cass County Sun
Source: The Portal to Texas History
Country/State of Publication: Texas, United States