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Title: Phillips Reporter, The Delete search filter
Elephind.com contains 1 items from Phillips Reporter, The, samples of which are listed below. All items from this newspaper title are freely available and can be searched from the search box above. You may also search the entire collection of 3,306 newspaper titles in Elephind.com.
1 result
Page 1 [Newspaper Page] — The Phillips Reporter — 16 November 1934

THIS IS YOUR PAGE Phono 100 for Any Happenings Km want Mentioned. PHILLIPS REPORTRE COMPLETE COVKKAGE OF PHILLIPS "00" CAMP VOL. 8—NO. 2 WHITTENBURG, TEXAS, FRIDAY, NOV. 16, 1934 Published Every Mrs. Jos. H. Aynesworth, who ] J. E. Hopper of Dallas, repre- has been In Austin visiting her son, Dan who is a junior in Tex- as! university, and at Waco vi3ititii? relatives, will return to Borger this weekend. Agency Crazy Crystals. WELL PHARMACY. sentative of the Houghton Mifflin company, visited the Borger schools Wednesday to take orders for state text books. MAX- Cail for Dilley's Bread. "Vitamin D" Tom B. Beed of Oklahoma City, representative of the Great Southern Life Insurance com- pany, transacted business with the Rig, Rex and Circle theaters here recently. Ask for "Vitamin D'* made by Dilley's Bakery. Bread Ask your grocer "Vitamin D" Bread. for Dilley's The big value in Mineral Oil— \ 1 full quart for C9 cents. MAX- WELL PHARMACY. Complete lino of Max Factor Toilet articles — M...

Publication Title: Phillips Reporter, The
Source: The Portal to Texas History
Country/State of Publication: Texas, United States