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Publication Details

The Ballarat Star

More information about this newspaper title may be available on the source website.

More information about this newspaper title may be available from wikipedia.

Source: Trove [National Library of Australia]

Country: Australia

State: Vic

Issues of this title available in Elephind: 1,580

Items (articles and/or pages) from this title available in Elephind: 46,276

Earliest Date: 2 January 1865

Latest Date: 31 January 1870

From wikipedia

Banner of The Star newspaper, Ballarat, Saturday, 22 September 1855. Facsimile of the first edition of The Star reproduced for the Jubilee Number of The Ballarat Star Saturday, 22 September 1905.

The Ballarat Star was a newspaper in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, first published on 22 September 1855. Its publication ended on 13 September 1924 when it was merged with its competitor, the Ballarat Courier.[1]

Masthead of The Star newspaper (Ballarat), sixth edition published 4 October 1855

The earliest original edition of The Star, Ballarat, was discovered early in 2011 in the Australiana Reference Room of the Ballarat library. An unusual masthead caught the eye of the research librarian. Instead of the lion and unicorn crest in the first edition facsimile, this sixth edition displayed a centrepiece which was much more elaborate.

In the centre is the eight-pointed star used on the Eureka flag at the uprising nine months earlier and the motto of the British monarchy, Dieu et mon droit, in French. Above is Vita veritas, Latin meaning "Life, Truth". Underneath is Victoria, the name of the colony, separated in 1851, and named after the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria. The four-page print of this newspaper was returned from conservator in October 2011.[2]
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