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Publication Details

Frankfort weekly news and roundabout.

More information about this newspaper title may be available on the source website.

Source: Chronicling America [US Library of Congress]

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

City: Frankfort, Ky.

Issues of this title available in Elephind: 26

Items (articles and/or pages) from this title available in Elephind: 214

Earliest Date: 7 March 1908

Latest Date: 5 September 1908


Frankfort Weekly News and Roundabout (Frankfort, KY)

The Frankfort Weekly News and Roundabout, a Democratic paper published by the Frankfort Printing Company, played a short but substantial role in the history of Frankfort, Kentucky. In March 1908--two months after having purchased the popular Frankfort Roundabout and after renovating their printing workshop, Hubert Vreeland and M.D. Coyle of the Frankfort Printing Company began publishing the Weekly News and Roundabout.

In many ways, the Weekly News and Roundabout followed in the footsteps of its predecessor. Archie Dunlap, who began as editor in April 1908, maintained many of the popular features of the old Roundabout, including the Louisville Tobacco Market and other agricultural reports and church and personal notes. He also introduced new content. An organized events calendar kept the community aware of important matters. “Pointed Paragraphs” served a dual purpose of offering advertising advice for readers as well as advertising space for the Frankfort Printing Company in an article in which the paper advised businesses to "Let the goods have the floor."

In response to the overwhelming popularity of baseball at the turn of the century, the Weekly News and Roundabout included "Diamond Dust," a feature devoted to baseball news, batting averages, scores, and game highlights from teams such as the Frankfort Lawmakers and the Lexington Thoroughbreds. The column also covered the newly formed Bluegrass League, the first fully professional baseball league in Kentucky, which included teams such as the Richmond Pioneers, the Versailles Aristocrats, and the Shelbyville Millers. In addition, "Diamond Dust" followed national baseball news, keeping readers informed about the development of the Chicago Cubs, the Nebraska Indians, and other teams.

Dunlap’s contribution can also be seen in the original content of the Weekly News and Roundabout. During his time as editor, Dunlap wrote original copy in "The Optimist," which offered light-hearted commentary on everything from the circus to politics. Dunlap portrayed himself as a character called “The Optimist” and aimed to keep a positive viewpoint in his writing. However, Dunlap also exhibited a darker side and for a few months the column ran under the title "The Pessimist," only to return to “The Optimist” after a series of filibusters restored the editor’s usual buoyancy.

After a brief but fulfilling period of reporting, The Frankfort Weekly News and Roundabout ceased publication on April 10, 1909.

Provided by: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY