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Publication Details

The Goodland republic.

More information about this newspaper title may be available on the source website.

Source: Chronicling America [US Library of Congress]

Country: United States

State: Kansas

City: Goodland, Kan.

Issues of this title available in Elephind: 812

Items (articles and/or pages) from this title available in Elephind: 3,590

Earliest Date: 16 October 1891

Latest Date: 31 May 1907


The Goodland republic

The Goodland Republic was a Populist weekly based in Goodland, Kansas, from October 16, 1891, to May 31, 1907.  It enjoyed a circulation of up to 700 subscribers in the northwest corner of the state.

Julius H. Stewart, a Civil War veteran, had moved from New York to Cheyenne County, Kansas, in 1885 where he traveled from town to town conducting religious services. On June 11, 1888, Stewart and F.M. Green became joint proprietors and editors of the Sherman County Republican .  In their June 15, 1888 salutatory, they wrote: “In the first place we are republicans first, last and always.  But we are independent of partisan control.”  After Stewart became sole proprietor and editor, the paper was renamed the Goodland Republican in 1889. As Stewart gradually embraced the politics of the Farmer’s Alliance, the paper’s name was changed to the Goodland Republic, bearing the motto, “The People’s Party Paper”.

The Republic covered a variety of topics and featured articles on the Farmers Alliance and the Populist movement.  As president of the Goodland Artificial Rain Company, Stewart reported on the success of rain making businesses in Kansas and neighboring Oklahoma, and Texas.  After the 1890 census appeared, the Republic published an article on the widening gap between the rich and the poor.  One could also find shorthand lessons, serialized fiction, as well as local, state, national, and world news.  Consonant with the paper’s Populist stance, the subjects of Free Silver and bimetallism were prominently featured.  The Republic also contained legal and publication notices and reports of sheriff’s sales.

In May of 1892 the Goodland Republic purchased the Sherman County Farmer and assumed the title of Goodland Republic and Sherman County Farmer until January 6, 1893.  In 1907, the paper, now again named the Goodland Republic, absorbed the Goodland News and became the Goodland News and the Goodland Republic, and after 1909, the Goodland Republic and Goodland News.  Stewart exited the newspaper business after selling his interests to George W. Fogg, and in 1916 the paper became the Goodland Republic again.

Provided by: Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS